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Didymos Anthracite Hemp Nino

Didymos Anthracite Hemp Nino
Product Information

 New February 2013 Didymos Anthracite Hemp Nino

50% organic cotton and 50% hemp in anthracite and natural threads create this traditional Didymos Classic design of mother and child.

Here is what Didymos says about this wrap.


Very fine and soft Jacquard fabric featuring the Didymos mother-child logo in anthracite and natural colour.

This NINO model is due to the percantage of hemp heavier than the NINOs from the permanent range.

 Classical Jacquard weave fabric which means that the patterns are WOVEN into the fabric and NOTprinted on it. The patterns are the same on both sides,  the colours are reversed.

The fabric is particularly tear-proof and has optimal diagonal stretch. 

Available for order please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee please email for details. 

If you have any questions, need assistance or want to discuss terms for layaway please email

Size 2 =$116.75, Size 3 =$131.50, Size 4 =$146.25, Size 5 =$161.00, Size 6 =$175.75, Size 7 =$190.50, Size 8 =$205.25



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